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Farhan Virk gets a taste of his own medicine as PTI workers turn against him

PTI workers were using “block Farhan Virk” hashtag on Twitter, giving the so-called social media expert a taste of his own medicine.

Within hours, the hashtag #BlockFarhanVirk became one the top Twitter trends on Tuesday.

The call to block the self-proclaimed social media leader of the ruling party was given after what many saw his below the belt criticism of Asad Umar, the former finance minister.

Not only did Virk criticized Umar for excusing himself from assuming charge of another ministry, he also levelled serious allegations against Imran Khan’s confidante in a social media campaign that followed a major cabinet reshuffle.

Some PTI workers had accused Jahangir Khan Tareen of being behind backing Virak, but the politician from Lodhran took to Twitter and condemned Virk for his campaign against Asad Umar.

“I vehemently condemn Farhan Virk’s campaign against Asad Umar. Asad & I have struggled together against the status-quo for more than 8 years & I hold him in the highest regard. Asad continues to be part and parcel of PTI senior leadership and we all value his role,” Tareen wrote on Twitter on April 20.

Thousands of Tweets were posted with “Block Farhan Virak” hashtag, with some PTI workers calling for him to be reported to Twitter.

Farhan Virak known for setting Twitter trends against the opposition parties with huge following on the social website.

But the Twitter followers seem to have turned the tables on him this time around.

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