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Ghazi Taimoor who helped Rahul turns out to be Imran Khan’s admirer

Pakistan’s Ghazi Taimoor is being praised for his act of kindness after he found a wallet on a London street and returned it to an Indian origin man named Rahul.

After finding the wallet on Shoreditch High Street, Ghazi posted an amazing threat on Twitter detailing the his search for Rahul.

Several Indian news websites published stories after Ghazi’s thread went viral. “The incredible story of a man who tracked down ‘Rahul’ in London to return his wallet,” read India Today’s headline.

“Taimoor, Rahul and a brown wallet: A Bollywood-style chase in London that has Twitter hooked,” wrote The Indian Express.

Pakistan’s leading English daily The Express Tribune’s headline read,””How a lost wallet brought India, Pakistan together”

Pakistani social media was is flooded with posts praising Ghazi Taimoor for his act of kindness. While little is known about Taimoor Ghazi, it has been learnt that he used to be Imran Khan’s admirer and voted for the former cricket hero in July 2018 election. It was immediately not known if he still support Imran Khan’s government.

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