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Govt urged to take action over rise of male prostitution in Swat

SWAT: People in Khyber Paktunkhwa’s Swat district have demanded government take action over increasing number of brothels of boy prostitutes, condemning what they call police inaction over the phenomenon.

Daily Jang, the leading Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan, reported on Monday that incidents of young boys being raped in Mengora area of Swat have also seen a dramatic increase in the recent months.

Citing unnamed sources the newspaper reported Mengora and some other cities of  Swat valley has become centers of male prostitution.

The report said young boys are brought from Peshawar, Mardan and some others areas to Swat where brothels have been set up.

Those involved in business are said to have been using social media to promote the homosexuality by distributing contact numbers of the boys.

Locals speaking on the condition of anonymity said the increasing activities of the people involved in male prostitution have put the future of youth in danger, demanding the government take action against the elements behind the business.

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