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How Pakistanis reacted to India’s moon landing?

Islamabad: India on Wednesday became the fourth country to land on the moon after the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Chandrayaan-3 touched down on the rugged south pole.

India’s achievement received mixed reactions from Pakistan.

Most of educated Pakistanis congratulated the neighboring country and urged fellow countrymen to compete India in the fields of science and technology.

A large number of people criticized the country’s ruling elite which has pitted the Islamic republic against India.

Pakistan’s powerful military establishment also came under criticism for preventing the country from prospering.

Some people were busy using social media websites to mislead common Pakistanis that India had done nothing extra ordinary by sending a spacecraft to the moon.

They kept highlighting the poverty in India and somehow linked it to country’s spending on education, science and technology.

A popular Facebook group in Pakistan informed it’s members about how big an achievement was made by their eastern neighbor.

A post said that by spending a few million dollars India has secured future space investment of billions of dollars.

While a large number of people felt envious and their reaction was driven by hatred towards India, most of Pakistanis were see mocking thier ruling elites for being oblivious to what their eastern neighbor had achieved.

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