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How to avoid ATM and Credit Card fraud?

Karachi: We might have reduced the risk of being deprived of money at gunpoint with the arrival of ATM and Credit Cards, but it is evident from the media reports that people are still losing their hard-earned money to criminals.

The thieves and robbers in modern era have also become adept at new technology and employing modern techniques to deprive people of their money through frauds.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is tasked with fighting cyber criminals through its Cyber Crime Wings.

Recently an officer of the agency took it upon himself to create awareness among people in order for them to protect themselves against criminals.

Below is one of the videos Asif Iqbal Chaudhry, an Assistant Director of the FIA, has posted on his YouTube channel in which he is speaking about how people become subject of ATM and Credit Card frauds.

You can watch more videos on his channel or following him on Twitter.

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