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Imran Khan meets ‘powerful figure’ as PTI leader seeks to thaw strained relations with military: report

Islamabad: Azaz Syed, one of Pakistan’s most informed and credible journalists, has made shocking revelations about the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s relations with the country’s powerful establishment.

In a YouTube show with Umar Cheema, who is also a seasoned journalist, Azaz Syed said PTI leader Pervez Khattak has been given the task of repairing ties with the establishment.

He said that one of the reasons behind Imran Khan’s silence is the backdoor parleys.

The Geo News correspondent said that Khattak has also been meeting Major General (retd) Ejaz Amjad, the father-in-law of Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, as part of his efforts to mend ties with the military.

The most shocking revelations Azad Syed made in the show was that during the last couple of nights Imran Khan has held a meeting with a powerful figure.

He refused to share the name of the “important figure” despite Umar Cheema’s insistence.

Azad Syed said that sharing the name would shake the entire political scene in Pakistan.

He, however, claimed that the ice between Imran Khan and the establishment has started melting.

He said that one of the reason why it is happening is because the establishment seems to have realized that Imran Khan is a political reality.

Watch the full video below:

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