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Imran Riaz Khan speaks against army in viral phone call

Islamabad: A tape of a phone call between anchor and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan and an unidentified man has gone viral.

In the audio that is doing the rounds on social media, the anchor went on to reveal that he was abused by the army men whom he calls ‘Faujis’

When the man on the other end tried to pacify him, Imran Riaz said nobody is born anti-state but some elements’ actions force people to become anti-state.

He said that he was unable to sleep when he was abused by the army.

Imran Riaz Khan, who is allied to PTI and former prime minister Imran Khan, has not ruled out the existence of the viral tape and instead thanked people for supporting him.

Imran Riaz Khan has been speaking against army and its generals while at the same time is seen expressing favorable views of two prominent officers.

He has lately provoked political workers to speak against the country’s armed forces for supporting the incumbent government.

He recently tweeted Sami Abraham’s video wherein the anchor is seen blaming Army Chief General Bajwa for the political situation in Pakistan.

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