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Indian pilot Abhinandan’s uniform displayed in PAF Museum as War Trophy?

KARACHI: Pictures purporting to show Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman’s uniform being displayed at one of Pakistan museums are making rounds on social media days after Islamabad released him as a peace gesture.

Some users wrote on Twitter that the uniform has been displayed at Pakistan Air Force’s museum but others rejected the social media posts as false.

There was no official statement regarding the social media posts and claims about the Indian pilot’s uniform.

The pilot’s MiG-21 was shot down over Kashmir just a day after Indian warplanes violated Pakistan’s airspace.

India claimed to have killed hundreds of militants in airstrikes in Pakistan’s Balakot area, a claim Islamabad denies.

Following India air raids, Pakistan promised to respond at the timing and place of its choosing.

After downing two Indian aircraft, prime minister Imran Khan extended an olive branch by announcing that Islamabad will release the pilot as a peace gesture.

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