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Inquiry sought into leaked call about Farah Gogi and diamond ring

Islamabad: Property tycoon Malik Riaz on Sunday said the viral audio being attributed to him is a product of deep fake technology.

The Bahria Town owner released a statement after a video purporting to contain his conversation with his daughter on telephone went viral.

Journalists and political activists are demanding an inquiry into a leaked telephone call that purport to feature the voices of property tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughter Ambar Malik.

In the audio being circulated on social media and used against Imran Khan, the alleged father-daughter duo is talking about a deal they are trying to strike with Farah Gogi.

The woman in the audio says that Farah is asking for a five carat diamond ring for a Bibi against a favor.

PMLN- and Khan’s other opponents claim that the woman identified as Bibi in the call is none other than Bushra Bibi.

The PML-N and senior party leaders are spreading the video, without mentioning Malik Riaz.

When senior journalist Ansar Abbasi approached Malik Riaz for verification of a previously leaked call between him and Asif Zardari, the Bahria Town owner said he would neither deny nor confirm its authenticity.

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