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Journalist criticizes Toyota Fortuner for ‘poor manufacturing’

Lahore: Senior Pakistani journalist Syed Imran Shafqat has criticized Toyota for what he said its poor manufacturing of “Fortuner”.

In a video posted on Twitter, the journalist shows water dripping from one of the car doors after rain.

He said that “Fortuner” which comes at a price of Rs12.4 million has been poorly manufactured.

“This is Toyota Fortuner’s new model.Buyers of this car feel embarrassed but those who are manufacturing it has no shame,” said Imran Shafqat in an Urdu language caption.

Seasoned journalist Matiullah Jan re-shared Imran Shafqat’s video with a sarcastic caption that read, ” Toyota Unfortuner”.

According to an expert online, “Car doors are designed with drains that allow the water to drip harmlessly onto the road as you drive, but if these drains become clogged, rain and snowmelt can collect inside the doors and eventually leak into the interior.”

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