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Journalist warns Pakistanis of Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani who was arrested in Saudi Arabia

Peshawar: Senior Pakistani journalist Ali Arqam has lamented people’s eagerness to meet Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani who arrived in Pakistan last month.

He was reacting to an online announcement that Dr Mala Ali, who reportedly treats deaf, dumb, blind and people with other disabilities, is in Peshawar and would start treatment of his patients on November 14.

Arqam said that Mala Ali was arrested in Saudi Arabia for staging drama of treating a blind person. He said that Mala Ali’s office was also raided in Turkey, without elaborating on why was the raid conducted.

Arqam is a senior Pashtoon journalist who has worked for a leading Pakistani news outlet.

Without naming Mala Ali Kurdistani, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said:

Israr Ahmed Rajpoot, a journalist associated with The Nation, said that he has received dozens of calls from across the country asking about the whereabouts of the Iraqi “doctor”.

The journalist said that Mala Ali was staying at a Farm House owned by a Senator.

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