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Journalists condemn character assassination campaign against Gharidah Farooqi

Karachi: Pakistani journalists have condemned a social campaign against TV anchor Gharidah Farooqi who is knowns a staunch opponent of the government.

The female journalist was linked to a controversial video featuring Mohammad Zubair by some social media accounts.

Her name became hashtag trend on Twitter as thousands of people attacked the famous Talk Show host.

Munizae Jahangir, a journalist and daughter of late Asma Jahangir, expressed solidairty with the fellow journalist and condemned what she said “filthy and nasty trend against’ Gharidah.

“Attacking women journalists is the work of those who are scared of the truth & hide behind baseless allegations to cover up their own incompetence and cruelty,” she said.

TV presenter Meher Bokhari wrote, Distressed, Gharidah Farooqi trending for all the wrong reasons. Moral policing, character assassination, trolling- because you can? Its easier because shes a woman? public figure, so she deserves it? disagree w her work/opinion, don’t watch her but to all those insinuating such filth, shame.”

Zebbunnisa Burki, a journalist associated with The News, said “Disgusting, shameful campaign against Gharidah Farooqi. More power to her and all women journalists who have continued to work despite consistent attacks.”

Activist Nida Kirmani said “Women make up 11.8% of Twitter users on Pakistan but seem to receive 99% of the Twitter hate, especially if they are outspoken.”

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