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Kamran Khan’s ‘mysterious smile’ and top ministers’ performance stir debate

Islamabad: Kamran Khan’s meaningful smile from his latest show has become topic of discussion on social media.

Multiple Twitter users including some journalists gave their own interpretation to Khan’s smile while interviewing Shehzad Arab about the performance certificates Prime Minister Imran Khan gave his 10 ministers.

Kamran Khan asked Arab to name some achievements by the ministers that helped them won the certificates but PM’s Special Assistant who had compiled the list of the ministers based on their performance failed to answer the anchor’s question.

When Khan asked Shehzad Arbab to at least mention a few achievements of Murad Saeed, who topped the list of ministers, but the prime minister’s special Assistant once again failed to answer.

Arbab’s failure elicited what many users think a meaningful smile from Kamran Khan.

As the debate raged on, Khan himself took to Twitter to explain the reason behind his smile.

Check out his explanation in the tweet below:

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