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Karachi power breakdown: latest update

Power supply restored swiftly after rain disrupts power supply in a few areas: KE Spokesperson

Karachi – Monsoon showers and precipitation, late Monday night, caused power interruptions in parts of the city including some areas of Defence, Jauhar, Malir, Gulshan and North Karachi.

The power situation was also affected by the fact that some circuits of NTDC (National Transmission and Dispatch Company) were already offline for maintenance at the time, and the load was being managed by K-Electric with system stability being prioritised. Further, due to EHT tripping the power supply from Sindh Nooriabad Power Company Limited, an Independent Power Producer (IPP) as well KE’s generation plants BQPS-I and II tripped. While, most KE’s generation plant were swiftly restored the power supply from SNPC resumed by midday. Further, the supply of NTDC is expected to fully resume after completion on maintenance activity by late evening today after which the load management would be normalized. K-Electric teams remained engaged with key stakeholders for swift resolution of this situation throughout and the collaborative efforts of all parties resulted in the improving power supply to the city.

A KE spokesperson said, “The unprecedented humidity created a cascading effect on the power supply chain. Through investments of over USD 2bn across the generation, transmission and distribution systems over the last nine years, we have been able to strengthen our system, avoid complete breakdown of network and expediting the resolution time using technology such as Island Mode operations for generation plants.

KE teams remained fully alert following the shower spell and responded swiftly to restore electricity to affected areas. Power supply to strategic installations including key hospitals and the airport remained unaffected throughout. KE teams have been working 24/7 to address any localized faults and we remain fully committed to serving the people of Karachi. KE regret the inconvenience caused to its valued customers due to unforeseen circumstances and also look forward to their understanding and continuous support in this regard. Customers can reach out to our call centers on 118 or via text message on 8119 as well as direct their queries to KE’s social media platforms or through the KE Live app.”

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