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Lawyer explains why PM Shehbaz Sharif’s audio leak is not fake

Islamabad: Lawyer and political commentator Abdul Moiz Jafferii expressed his views on a purported leaked audios of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Jafferi seemed convinced that multiple audios doing the rounds on social media might be authentic.

The lawyer weighed in on the matter in a long Twitter thread and explained why he thinks the audios are not fake.

He corroborates his claim below:

“This is all conjecture, but it is informed conjecture. And it leads to some interesting conclusions:

Firstly, the most definitive proof for me of the genuineness of the audio is the conversation at the end. It is very very believable that Shehbaz sharif was advised against appointing justice baqar as chairman NAB, and advised by the people named at the end.

It also gives the audio a time stamp. This is from when Justice Baqar’s name was doing the rounds as a candidate for chairman NAB. I can fill in the blanks which are left in the audio with a lot of ease.

Baqar wouldn’t have listened to the sharifs, and SS was too scared of accountability on merit. 2ndly, the body of the main conversation is also addressing what is a completely believable scenario. There are electric powered steel melting furnaces made in India.

Which are very cost effective for Steel manufacturers Looking to set up a certain kind of plant or looking to upscale or upgrade. Before the india ban, I knew of & advised on the tax consequences of one such purchase. The unit being bought was to be delivered in separate segments.

Now imagine if someone conducted such a transaction, received 2 of the 3 segments they paid for, & were left sitting with tens of millions of dollars spent on a steel mill which doesn’t work because it isn’t complete. That person would need an exemption from the Indian import ban

which would need ECC approval. Perhaps a legitimate request considering the future investment/ employment prospects etc, but in current politics a dead on arrival request.

But what a nefarious leak. Embarrasses Maryum, exposes family fault lines & brings back the Indian bugbear.”

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