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List of MNAs, MPAs who attended Jahangir Tareen’s reception

Lahore: Hours after bank accounts of Jahangir Tareen and his family members were frozen, the estranged leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) hosted a dinner for over two dozens lawmakers of the ruling party, a move that political commentator said could jeopardize the government.

According to multiple reports, as many as 29 lawmakers of National and Punjab assemblies attended the reception hosted by Tareen, who fell out of favor with his friend Prime Minister Imran Khan over a probe into sugar crisis.

A video of the reception is also doing the rounds on social media where Tareen is seen addressing his guests.

Aun Chaudhry at JKT’s dinner

Citing unnamed sources, Geo News reported that National Assembly members Raja Riaz, Sami Gillani, Riaz Mazari, Khwaja Shiraz, Mubeen Alam Anwar, Javed Waraich, Ghulam Bibi Bharwana and Ghulam Lali attended the dinner at JKT’s Lahore residence.

The four provincial advisors in attendance were Abdul Hai Dasti, Ameer Muhammad Khan, Rafaqat Gillani and Faisal Jabwana.

Imran Khan’s long time ally Aun Chaudhary also showed up at Jehangir Tareen’s dinner attended by disgruntled PTI MNAs and MPAs.

Here’s the list of names who attended Jahangir Tareen’s dinner:

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