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Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din: Denmark-based YouTuber accused of inciting violence against Pakistani journalists

Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din, a famous YouTuber and influencer, has been accused of inciting violence against top Pakistani journalists by declaring them traitors and Indian agents.

Shahab, who recently claimed that Hamid Mir’s Facebook account is being operated from India, has now found that Asima Shirazi also has links with Pakistan’s eastern neighbor.

The social media personality has amassed a large number of new followers on his Twitter account and subscribers on his YouTube channel after targeting Hamid Mir and Asima Shirazi.

While thousands of people posted tweets in his favor after the YouTuber levelled some serious allegations against Pakistani journalists, others condemned him for putting lives of male and female journalists in danger by hurling baseless allegations against them.

Seasoned journalists Zarar Khuro, Mubashir Zaidi and Wusatullah Khan took a dig at Shahabuddin for declaring Asma Shirazi a traitor.

Several social media users called on Twitter and YouTube to ban Shahab-ud-Din for attacking journalists.

Senior Pakistani journalist Omar Qureshi expressed concern about Shahabuddin’s allegations and wondered whether Danish government knows he is inciting violence against Pakistani journalists while sitting in Denmark.

While some journalists have criticized him for his videos, thousands of users have voiced support for the YouTuber for what they said defending Pakistan against Indian conspiracies.

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