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Maleeha Hashmi angers PTI supporters with outrageous statement

Lahore: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers and supporters expressed anger at YouTuber Maleeha Hashmey for posting an outrageous tweet on Thursday.

The tweet, which created the impression that the PTI intends to start a war against the state over Imran Khan’s arrest, was deleted after condemnations poured in on social media.

Prominent PTI social media workers called for her to be kept away from the party as her “irresponsible” tweets could help political rivals build a narrative which portrays Imran Khan’s party as a militant organization.

Here are some reactions:

Some PTI workers think YouTubers care less about the PTI agenda and more about the money they make by spreading incorrect information to get views on their videos.

They believe the party would land in a serious trouble if the PTI does not disassociate itself from the YouTubers who have made a fortune through YouTube videos.

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