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Mianwali police accused of harassing organizers of cricket tournament

Mianwali: Police have been accused of harassing organizers of a cricket tournament held in Namal village during Eid holidays.

Locals said that Chakrala police registered an FIR for violation of Sound Act and fireworks that were carried out at the end of the tournament.

The said that the FIR was lodged after a local reporter working for an Urdu language newspaper incessantly levelled baseless allegations against the organizers on his Facebook page.

The organizers said they were targeted merely on the basis of speculations that the local reporter published in the form of a news story.

The locals belonging to the villages of Kalri and Rikhi, areas adjacent to Imran Khan’s Namal College, said that initially the police was reluctant to register an FIR but later caved in to pressure exerted by some unknown quarters.

They demanded the Punjab government and former prime minister Imran Khan take notice of the FIR as it could seriously harm sports activities in Mianwali district.

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