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Mohsin Baig turns against PM Imran in interview with Saleem Safi

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s spokesman Shahbaz Gill on Friday hit back at Mohsin Baig, who was, until recently, known as pro-government journalist.

Mohsin Baig sat for an interview with Saleem Safi and claimed that more than two dozen lawmakers joined the government due to him.

He said that Justice (retd) Wajihuddin’s allegations against Prime Minister Imran Khan were true.

Baig said the day Jahangir Tareen joined the PTI, he had gifted a brand new bulletproof Land Cruiser to Imran Khan which the prime minister recently returned.

Asked whether elections were manipulated through RTS, he said that some people had memorized the RTS password during a briefing.

Giving the reason why he turned against Imran Khan, Mohsin Baig said that the prime minister had not turned out to be what he used to pretend. He said he feels Imran Khan deceived everyone and it seems he and his allies were part of some scheme.

Below is Shahbaz Gill’s response and a excerpt from Mohsin Baig’s interview with Saleem Safi.

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