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Motorway gang-rape case – Imran Khan calls for rapists to be “chemically castrated” as punishment for the crime

Pakistan: PM Imran Khan says rapists should be publicly hanged or chemically castrated.

During an interview with Moeed Pirzada on 92 News HD broadcast today (Monday) Khan said rapists should to be “chemically castrated” as punishment for the crime.

What is chemical castration?

Chemical castration is the use of “anaphrodisiac” drugs to lower sexual desire and libido, with minimum treatment lasting 3 to 5 years.Chemical castration

How does chemical castration work?

It’s unlike surgical castration, which involves the removal of genitals, and Sterilization in that treatment must be continuous.

Do you know Michael Jackson was chemically castrated?

World famous American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson was allegedly chemically castrated by his dad Joe, according to his doctor Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray made the sensational claims in an interview following Joe’s death.

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