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Mr X: Imran Khan mentions mysterious character after extending olive branch to establishment

Lahore: Former prime minister Imran Khan extended olive branch to the establishment in his latest interaction with media person’s.

He said that his doors are open but he would demand an early election.

Just when people thought he was trying to heal the rift, the PTI chairman launched two fresh attacks on the security establishment.

The former cricket hero posted a tweet about upcomming by-election in Punjab

Former prime minister wrote, “I am afraid neither the PDM parties, who have perfected the art of rigging over the years want free and fair elections, nor does our Establishment.”

He then mentioned a mysterious character Mr X who is based in Lahore and claimed that he is planning to rig the election.

Although, he did not name anyone, many people believe that Khan was taking aim at an officer of the country’s principal intelligence agency.

The military recently denied the officer’s involvement in any political activity after PTI leader Yasmin Rashid levelled allegations against him.

In speech at a PTI rally, Imran Khan also criticized Chief Elections Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja and claimed that he was in cohorts with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

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