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‘Mufti Taqi Lahori’ and his ‘fourth marriage’ fact-checked

Social media websites in Pakistan are flooded with pictures of “Mufti Taqi Lahori and his fourth wife, with some users mocking crass remarks about the unnamed “couple”.

The pictures were shared with claims that “Mufti Taqi Lahori” got married for the fourth time to one of his pupil in Lahore.

Some users were seen drawing comparison between Mufti Qawi of Hareem Shah fame. It has been learnt that the man seen in the viral pictures is Amir Khan and not a Mufti while the woman accompanying him is his fourth wife Rabia.

The pictures were not taken in any Pakistani city. The couple is based in Virginia where Amir Khan runs a Real Estate business. They were apparently photographed on the occasion of Eid and their pictures and videos went viral with wrong claims about them. It has also been learnt that the the “Taqi Lahori” is a rich man who loves to wear western clothes.

Amir Khan aka Mufti Taqi Lahori

Here’s are some pictures which prove that Amir Khan aka Taqi Lahori is neither a Mufti nor a cleric.

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