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‘Murad Saeed Tunnel’ trend highlights growing tide of homophobia in Pakistan

Karachi: Murad Saeed, Minister for Communications and Postal Services, was recently subjected to ridicule and homophobic comments by supporters of his opposition parties and his political opponents.

The sad reality is that some social media activists who otherwise are seen advocating for equal rights and speaking against gender bias also couldn’t resist the urge to attack Murad Saeed.

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A large number of tweets and memes were posted on Twitter after a fake news stating that name of Kohat Tunnel has been replaced with Murad Saeed Tunnel.

Despite knowing that it was a fake news, trolls kept mocking the minister by sharing humiliating tweets and memes.

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For those who are still wondering what the Kohat Tunnel trend was about, it was based on a FAKE NEWS which claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has named the Kohat Tunnel after Murad Saeed Tunnel. 

Whatever the reasons behind the lewd social media trend, it is for sure that the country is facing a growing wave of homophobia.

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