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Nadeem Afzal Chan opens up about expletive-laden phone call

Nadeem Afzal Chan, a senior politician and an adviser to the prime minister, recently had an phone call leaked online.

Chan, who is considered one of the most sophisticated politicians in the country, left his supporters and opponents in stitches with the expletive-laden call which he made to someone he identified as Mukthar.

Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp users in Pakistan have picked some words from his call to create some hilarious memes.

In the audio call, the politician is heard abusing someone in Punjabi language to persuade him to stay at home in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.


Apart from using Punjabi expletives, the politician paints a grim picture of the situation with regard to the pandemic by telling the man on the other end of the phone that government is hiding the actual situation.

Nadeem Afzan Chan recently sat for an interview with Arshad Sharif on Army to explain the swearing he did in the call.

According to the politician he usually avoids abusing, but swearing is a “way of talking” and venting for men in Punjab.

The politician apologized for the language he used during the call and clarified that all he said was aimed at putting an end to political activities in his constituency.

Nadeem Afzal Chan on Friday shared a video clip of his interview with Arshad Sharif on Twitter with a caption that read: “leak audio”.

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