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Pakiatan Self-enumeration census: Step by step guide to enter information

Islamabad: Self-enumeration is the term used to describe the way Census data are collected. The Census forms are generally completed by householders rather than by interviewers, although interviewers are available in some areas.

Pakistan has also launched an online Self Enumeration portal which people can use to enter their information between February 20th and March 3rd 2023:

1-Visit the self-enumeration portal, (https: self.pbs.gov.pk).

2-Sign Up/Register using a mobile number and generate a secure login/password.

3-You will receive OTP on your mobile from PBS/9727.

4-Complete the census questionnaire by providing the following details: Family information/Housing information/Respondent information, review/ confirm information, and edit if needed, before submitting the census questionnaire.

5- After submitting the information, uou will receive a UTN code on your mobile.

6- Provide the UTN confirmation code to government representative/interviewer who will start visiting from March 1st to April 1st 2023.

7- The representatives will confirm the information provide by you on the portal by electronic devices during their door to door visits.

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