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Pakistan blacklisted by FATF?

Pakistan blacklisted by FATF?

No its no true. Pakistan has not been blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the terror financing watchdog as reported by Indian media.

Pakistan has been on the “grey list” of countries whose domestic laws are considered weak to tackle the challenges of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Contrary to Indian claims, The Asia/Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering is the FATF-style regional body for the Asia-Pacific region. It is an inter-governmental organisation founded in 1997 in Bangkok.

Also there is no blacklist in APG. There is an enhanced expedited list.

Pakistan has taken multiple steps to curb terror financing and is likely to be removed from the FATF’s “grey list” in October.

India has long been pushing the FATF to put Pakistan on a blacklist of countries that fail to meet international standards in stopping terror funding but have succeeded.

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