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Pakistan Post tracking app receives positive response

Pakistan Post tracking app
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan post’s mobile application which allowed customers to track and trace their articles on cellular devices was receiving excellent feedback from customers.

With more than 50,000 downloads on android Play Store so far, Pakistan post mobile application was providing best E-service in terms of communication and postal services in public sector.

This application allowed to track different services offered such as urgent mail service (UMS), express mail service (EMS), ems plus export parcel, Fax money orders and urgent money orders (UMO).

Besides, providing quick services to general pubic it was also facilitating students with their important document or assignments to reach their destination in time.

“I can easily track my assignment whenever I send them from my home town to my professor via Pakistan post urgent mail services” said, Hammad Ali, student from Qauid-e-Azam University.

Ayesha Khan, a young entrepreneur running her clothing line from Islamabad said whenever she used Pakistan Post’s express mail service to dispatch her online orders to customers.

“It always reached on time and was easily traceable besides offering reasonable prices”, she added.

Being able to send our money via fax and money orders through cheapest way was actually benefiting the public as they were now able to get rid of private postal companies because that was costing a lot, Nadeem Ahmad told APP who lived abroad and had to send money home.

He said as overseas Pakistani it was exciting to use one of our country”s service that was providing best service and he did not have to go to private companies now.

The app also registered various customer complaints to enhance their experience and improve service’s effectiveness.

In order to work efficiently and moving ahead with the rapidly growing technology Pakistan post was moving a step and going for up to date technology.APP

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