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Pakistani couple caught in the act, video goes viral

ISLAMABAD: Whatsapp users in Pakistan were sharing a video of a couple being caught while indulging in objectionable activities in a car.

It was not immediately clear where the incident took place but the vehicle verification record shows the car is registered in Islamabad.

The video clearly shows the male partner sitting in the car trying to stop policemen from making the video while his female partner can also be seen in the footage, although not clearly.

In the video a policeman tries to grab car keys while the other asks him to let the couple go for now because the vehicle number has been noted.

The video spread like a wild fire, with people sharing it via messaging apps particularly Whatsapp.

Although Whatsapp has limited the users ability to spread a message beyond a certain number, a large number of users seemed to know about the incident which apparently took place in Pakistan because the people seen in the video can be heard speaking Urdu language.

Identities of the couple and their fate is not known to The Namal.

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