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Pervez Musharraf’s family says recovery is not possible

Dubai: Former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s family on Friday addressed the speculations surrounding his health after it was reported that he was put on ventilator after his health deteriorated.

His family, in a statement issued on Musharraf’s Twitter account said,”He is not on the ventilator. Has been hospitalized for the last 3 weeks due to a complication of his ailment (Amyloidosis). Going through a difficult stage where recovery is not possible and organs are malfunctioning. Pray for ease in his daily living.”

As soon as he was hospitalized, rumors regarding Musharraf’s death started doing the rounds on social media.

Ifzaal Siddique, Overseas President of General Pervez Musharraf party All Pakistan Muslim League, said the former president is ill but fully alert as usual. “Please don’t listen to fake news.Just pray for his good health,” he said.

Senior Pakistani journalist and TV anchor Saleem said that Pervez Musharraf was ill but his sources told him that the former military ruler was not dead.

The 78-year-old self exiled Pervez Musharraf ruled Pakiatan from 1999 to 2008.

He had come into power by removing the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless coup.

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