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PM Imran Khan urged to backtrack on decision to release pilot Abhinandan after Indian media reaction

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan has come across as a statesman who talks sense when a hostile neighbor blames his country for bombing in Occupied Kahsmir without providing any evidence, and decides to knock  some sense into enemy by ordering  retaliatory action when his words are not heeded.

The former cricket hero who became prime minister last year after fighting against all odds seems to have won the support which he seemed to loose   over worsening economic situation.

Imran Khan warned India against any misadventure after offering cooperation following Pulwama attack soon after Saudi Crown Prince’s departed for his country.

He told Pakistan was prepared to cooperate in investigating the incident but warned that in case of any misadventure it will retaliate without any hesitation.

India chose to do the “misadventure” by sending its warplanes to Pakistan.  The aircraft came and ranaway after dropping their payload near Balakot.

That was a violation of Pakistan’s airspace. Imran Khan convened a meeting of his cabinet and military commanders and promised to respond to India at the timing and place of its own choosing.

India’s jubiliation over the intrusion was still in the year  when Pakistan shot down two Indian Air Force aircraft, capturing one of the pilots. Now the pilot is in Pakistan’s custody.

Soon after the score was settled, Khan addressed the nation and said”better sense should prevail in India.

He once again offer cooperation to investigate the Pulwama attack and made it clear that once started he and his Indian counterpart won’t be able to stop it.

A day letter he addressed the the join sitting of parliament and announced to release Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as gesture of peace.

Now the social media is abuzz with praise.

Here is collection of some reactions:

Some people, however, are not happy.

Indian media, however, thinks it was not a peace gesture and Pakistan decided to release the Indian pilot because it caved into pressure.

The Indian media has evoked calls from hawks in Pakistan for Imran Khan to backtrack on his decision to free the pilot:

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