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Protest held after Eden Garden Housing Society owner Dr Amjad dies

Lahore: Dozens of protesters gathered outside the residence of Dr Muhamamd Amjad, the owner of Eden Garden Housing Society after news of his death spread in Lahore.

The protesters were holding placards to demand their money back which they had invested in the real estate project owned by the deceased.

Police were called in to keep the protesters at bay ahead of the funeral prayers. Dr Amjad’s son Murtaza Amjad is married to the daughter of former chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry.

According to senior journalist Nasrullah Malik the funeral prayers for Dr Muhammad Amjad were delayed due to the protest held by the affectees of the housing scheme.

Eden Garden Housing Limited owner Dr Amjad who had fled the country three years ago to escape arrest in the housing scam case, returned to the country in June.

After securing a protective bail Dr Amjad held a meeting with the NAB Lahore and sought a plea bargain (PB) worth Rs9bn. The NAB rejected his request and asked him to pay at least Rs16bn (in plea bargain).

Amjad was of the view that he had already compensated some of the affected people that was why he requested for Rs9bn.

Dr Amjad and his sons fled to Canada in 2018 after the Ministry of Interior did not place their names on the Exit Control List despite NAB’s request. Subsequently, NAB seized property of the Eden Garden Housing Limited worth more than Rs15bn and announced that it would start compensating the affected people.

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