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PTI leader says people for whom he left Starbucks in US queuing up at Tim Hortons in Lahore

Lahore: PTI leader Shahbaz Gill on Tuesday criticized the people who are queuing up at Tim Hortons which opened it’s first outlet in Lahore recently.

“We left Starbucks and Tim Hortons for these people who are queuing up (at Tim Hortons Lahore),” said Gill who is a US national.

“I have not had the chance to see my family let alone having a cup of coffee( at Tim Hortons),” said Gill, who was known as Imran Khan’s close aide before he was arrested and tortured a few months ago.

“And the people for whom we spend our whole day in courts are queued up (at Tim Hortons),” he said.

“These elite couldn’t care less about Pakistan,” he added.

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