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Siddique Jaan vows to expose Major Adil Raja and his wife Sabeen Kayani

Islamabad: Journalist and YouTuber Siddique Jaan vowed to expose fugitive Major (retd) Adil Raja and his wife Sabeen Kayani’s lies.

In his recent Vlog, the BOL News journalist said that his war with Adil Raja has begun and he would expose the self-exiled retired major’s lies.

Siddique Jan was reacting to Adil Raja and his wife’s allegations that he is compromised.

Jaan mocked Adil Raja’s Khamosh Mujahids ( his alleged sources within the army) who the BOL News journalist said knows everything about what is going to happen in Pakistan but are always unaware of when police are going to arrest Imran Riaz Khan, Sami Ibrahim and others.

Siddique Jan said he would make further revelations against the couple if Adil Raja responds to his Vlog.

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