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Sindh govt urged to seal Mominabad paper cone factory operating without permission

Residents of Mominabad locality in Orangi Town has demanded that the Sindh government seal a paper cone factory illegally established in their area.

They said that noise population and dust caused by the factory is creating serious health issues for the residents, especially women and children.

Apart from the noise created by the factory’s machines and other equipment, a diesel generator has also added to the miseries of the residents of the nearby houses.

The locals have also questioned the performance of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency which has failed to stop such factories from operating in the middle of residential areas.

The said that instead of waiting for any disaster that this factory may cause in the area, the Sindh government must take action against it’s owners.

The paper cone factory owner Ismail refuses to listen to grievencs when asked to take measures to reduce the noise and the dust coming out of his paper cone factory.

His factory also lacks mandatory safety procedures to protect it’s workers in case of any emergency.

The owner also allows child labour in violation of the local and international laws.

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