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Talat Hussain says PM Imran didn’t sell gift watch

Islamabad: Seasoned journalist Talat Hussain who is regarded as a staunch opponent of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has defended Prime Minister Imran Khan against the allegations that he sold an expensive watch received as a gift from a powerful foreign leader.

Hussain said that the allegations against the prime minister are vicious and those who are spreading the lies on social media aim to tarnish the Pakistani leader’s image.

Talat Husaain said that those who are levelling allegations should remember that they have to corroborate their claims.

The senior journalist stressed the need for PM Imran Khan to release information to the media to prevent fake news.

Although Hussain didn’t go into the details of campaign being run against the premier, the PTI opponents have been claiming that Imran Khan had received an expensive watch as a gift from Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. They said, without proofs, that the watch ended up in Salman’s hands after it was offered for sale by Khan’s men.

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