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Taliban’s General Mubeen criticizes PM Imran Khan

Kabul: Afghan Taliban leader General Mubeen has warned Prime Minister Imran Khan against interfering in the internal matters of his country.

“Imran Khan himself did not come with the vote of Pakistani people. Everybody calls him puppet,” he said while talking to a local Pashto language TV channel.

“But I don’t have the right to call him that,” he said adding that the Taliban do not give anybody the right to interfere in Afghanistan.

“If anybody interferes, then we also reserve the right interfere,” he said.

The Taliban leader’s video was posted by Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud, a Pashtun journalist associated with The New York Times.

Mubeen Khan’s statement comes a couple of days after multiple Taliban soldiers were seen removing a Pakistani flag from a Truck carrying relief goods from Pakistani into Afghanistan.

The Taliban said they would take action against the foot soldiers who took down the flag.

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