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Tayyiba Gul: Who is the woman in NAB chairman video

NAB chairman video scandal on Thursday sent shock waves throughout Pakistan.

In this video, Tayyiba Gul narrates her story to Shahzeb Khanzada

The video and audio clips of Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal became viral on the internet shortly after a private broadcaster aired them.

News One channel backtracked within minuets after airing the footage and audio involving NAB chairman’s alleged encounter with an unnamed woman, which many saw as lwed and inappropriate.

One of the video shows the NAB boss hugging the woman.

The NAB immediately issued a statement calling the video and audio clips malicious propaganda against its chairman.

The video, however, became the talk of the town with people spreading the video through social media and Whatsapp.

Many people have been wondering about the identity of the woman seen in the video.

Who is the woman in NAB chairman video
The woman has been identified as Tayyiba Gul and reported to be married to Farooq Nol, a resident of Jhang.

According to local media, the woman met the NAB chairman three years ago when Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal was head of the commission on Missing Persons.

The woman had approached the NAB with an application regarding disappearance of one of her relatives.

Tayyiba Gul remained in contact with the NAB chairman for three years and used to film her ecnounters with Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal.

The footage being shared on social media shows NAB chairman hugging Tayyiba Gul before she leaves his office.

In the latest video that emerged on Friday the woman shows her face while leaving the NA office.

A social worker Sardar Azam on Friday held a press conference at Lahore Press Club claiming that Tayyiba Gul’s husband Farooq Nol is ring leader of a mafia that blackmails people through doctored footage.

He also claimed that the woman is known as Tayyiba Gul in Rawalpindi and as Pinky in Lahore.

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