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Video of Honda Civic wreckage is misleading: Here’s why

Karachi: Senior Pakistani journalist Rauf Klasra on Sunday shared a widely circulated video of a man complaining about the quality of Honda Civic cars while showing wreckage of a vehicle after an accident that took place on Motorway.

While many people shared the video on social media websites criticizing the car makers, Klasra’s tweet containing the video started a debate with some people arguing why the destruction of the car was no linked to its quality.

The man seen in the video did not share the exact name of the Honda’s model but he said it cost around Rs 4 million, suggesting that he was referring to a relatively new model.

“Shocking video as how car manufacturing companies are producing low standard and poor quality cars at exuberant price and putting lives of people in dangers—This is how mafias control Govt and regulators. Mafias have full support of by Governments,ministers and bureaucrats,” Rauf Klasra captioned the video.

Commenting on the video, former diplomat Kamran Shafi said, “Allow the import of Re-conditioned cars and these crooks will improve.”

Some users, however, drew the journalist’s attention to how cars are built to save lives.

Explaining the car’s Crumple Zone, a user wrote, parts of the car are built with special structures inside them that are designed to be damaged, crumpled, crushed and broken.

Sarwar Shah, one of Klasra’s Twitter followers, wrote, “Safety is not related to how sturdy the body of the car is. Everyone is an expert these days. Cars are deliberately designed to crumble so that most of the impact is absorbed by the car and there is more chance of the passenger surviving.”

Here’re some reactions:

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