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Weather update: When is Karachi expected to receive next rain?

Karachi: After the first pre-monsoon rain, Karachi is baking at over 40 degree Celsius feel like temperature.

Prolonged power outages have added to people’s miseries in the extremely hot weather.

Given the country’s economic situation, there is no hope of load-shedding coming to an end anytime sooner.

The people of Karachi are pinning their hopes on the next spell of rains which the Met Office has predicted for the next month.

According to Weather Updates PK, the monsoon system has advanced to the border region of Sindh and Indian Gujarat.

The weather updating service said that the system has moved four days earlier it was expected.

It said conditions are highly favorable for SouthWest monsoon 2022.

The forecast said the monsoon system would be over Sindh including Karachi by 3rd or 4th July.

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