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When Imran Khan said you need to be an angel to avoid disqualification under articles 62,63

Islamabad: Law experts believe the sowrd of disqualification is hanging over Imran Khan after Election Commission of Pakistan’s verdict in PTI foreign funding case.

They are of the view that Khan could be disqualified under articles 62,63 of the constitution of Pakistan.

Imran Khan was initially against invoking the articles to disqualify politicians when MQM threatened to move against him.

At one point Khan said he could bring out the entire National Assembly on the basis of article 62 and 63 since everyone has faults.

He said, “You literally need to be an angel to pass the articles 62 and 63.”

Khan later celebrated Nawaz Sharif’s ouster under the same articles of the constitution and once again opposed them when his close aide Jahangir Khan Tareen was disqualified by invoking articles 62 and 63.

Shahzeb Khanzada on Thursday ran Khan’s statements about the articles that he made during the last decade.

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