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Where is Imran Riaz Khan?

Imran Riaz Khan’s brother Usman Riaz and his wife said the whereabouts of the journalist and YouTuber remain unknown over a month after he went missing.

They said Imran Riaz was arrested from the airport in Sialkot by the Punjab police.

His family said the police failed to produce him in front of the court, saying he was released shortly after the arrest.

Imran Riaz was previously released after he was arrested twice during the past 12 months as former prime minister Imran Khan, his party the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, fellow YouTubers, journalists and political workers raised voice for him.

He latest disappearance took place after May 9 riots which led to a state crackdown against the PTI.

Large scale defections in the PTI and Imran Khan’s own problems seems to have overshadowed the disappearance of Imran Riaz Khan.

His fellow YouTubers have largely gone silent while others are worried about dwindling incomes they made from the positive coverage of the PTI and its leader.

Meanwhile, court orders seem to have fallen on deaf ears as no law enforcement agency has been able to produce Imran Riaz Khan.

His wife, who runs a Twitter account as MrS Imran, has requested his supporters to pray for the anchor’s safe return to his family.

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