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Who is Cynthia Ritchie? American blogger in pictures and videos

Cynthia Ritchie, an American blogger, has stirred a political storm in Pakistan after accusing top some politicians of the country of raping her or molesting during the Pakistan People’s Party government.

Last week Cynthia shook Pakistan with her bombshell revelations that she was raped by former Interior Minister Rehman Malik and molested by former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and former health minister Makhdoom Shahabduddin.

Pakistanis are eager to know more about the American woman who had access to higher echelons of power in their country.

While younger people have turned to internet to search for hot or nude photos and videos of good looking Cynthia Ritchie, others have sought information on her background.

But to their dismay neither there are any inappropriate pictures or videos of the woman nor there is much information available about her past apart form the fact that she was introduced to Azam Swati by one of his relatives based in US.

Cynthia stirred the storm with her outrageous claim that Benazir Bhutto used to have her guards rape the women with whom she thought her husband cheated on her. She accused he former prime minister after women from Malik Riaz’s family attacked actress Uzma Khan and her sister.


Cynthia faced severe backlash from PPP and supporters of late Benzair Bhutto before she decided to levelled allegations against the party leaders.

Meanwhile, political commentator are comparing her with Joanne Herring, an American socialite who was considered to be very close to Gen Zia ul Haq.

Here are some pictures and a video of Cynthia D.Ritchie

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