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Who raped Jami?

Ever since the filmmaker revealed he was brutally raped by a powerful person in Pakistani media industry, social media users have gone nuts speculating about the name of Jami’s tormentor.

Speculations further intensified when a leading English daily deleted the news report based on Jami’s revelations.

The filmmaker has shaken the entire media industry with his startling allegations against one of the tycoons.

He refused to name the person saying he still lacks the courage to do so.

Jami is receiving love and support from people on social media which is also abuzz with rumors surrounding name of the alleged harasser.

Some people claimed it was owner of a Lahore based TV channel, others thought it was a man from Karachi.

But it still remains to be a mystery who raped Jami.

People were encouraging him to name and shame the harasser and it was likely that he would soon spill the beans.

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