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Why is Major Adil Raja targeting Shahbaz Gill?

Islamabad: Major (retd) Adil Raja has declared Dr Shahbaz Gill a Military Intelligence (MI) and CIA agent.

Without naming Gill, the fugitive former military officer said the most poisonous snake in Imran Khan’s sleeve is giving lectures in the US after fleeing Pakistan.

Calling him a double agent, Raja, known for spreading lies on social media, claimed that Imran Khan distanced himself from Gill after learning about his reality.

He said that some people in the PTI approached him not to name anyone.

Most of the PTI workers who blindly follow Adil Raja were shocked to read Adil Raja’s allegations against Gill.

Majority of them expressed anger at Raja for attacking Shahbaz Gill who they said stood by Khan despite being subjected to torture in custody.

A large number of people were surprised to see Adil Raja attacking Gill.

Fore those unaware, the only reason Adil Raja is attacking Gill is he feels threatened by the PTI leader’s arrival on YouTube.

He is convinced that Gill is capable of diverting his listeners to his YouTube channel.

Adil Raja believes that majority of PTI workers would trust Gill and he would be the first victim of Gill’s popularity.

The major’s income is also expected to take a serious hit in the near future due to Gill’s popularity among PTI workers and supporters.

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