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Hospital viral video sparks outrage in Pakistan

Hospital viral video Pakistan 2019

Karachi: Within a month after cinema video scandal rocked Pakistan, another sexually explicit video has been leaked from a hospital.

The undated CCTV footage from a hospital purports to show a male patient and a women apparently indulging in inappropriate activities.

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A woman performing oral sex on a bed ridden man has been filmed by a CCTV camera of a hospital whose location is not immediately known.

The video has been posted on Youtube by a user with people expressing outrage over the couple for their conduct.

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The male patient was condemned by social media users for involving in such activities despite being unwell.

Some users claimed that the video was not filmed in Pakistan but majority of the people seemed to believe the unverified claim that it happened at a medical facility in their own country.

The video leak has intensified debate on violation of privacy which was initially triggered by human rights activists after a cinema in Lahore leaked multiple videos of couples.

Salman Sufi, a prominent social media activist, had announced to take legal action against establishments whose staff is found involved in leaking videos of the people.

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