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Maria Sharapova, whose family fled Chernobyl disaster, falls short of condemning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova’s mother was pregnant with her only daughter when Chernobyl exploded 30 kilometers from where the family lived.

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Recalling the nuclear incident in her biography, the five-time Gran Slam winner said her family was fortunate to have fled the disaster.

Russian forces last week captured the abandoned nuclear power plant after President Vladimir Puin ordered them into Ukraine.

Since then hundreds of people have been killed and thousands have fled their homes in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

While Hollywood stars, musicians and other celebrities have called out Putin for the war imposed on Ukraine, Maria Sharapova has avoided reacting to the events that unfolded in the European country.

The former player arrived in Paris and shared with her fans how much she loves visiting Europe.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she finally referred to the war but fell short of condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Arriving to Europe feels very different. This time. With heavy heart and deep longing for peace. And most importantly for the safety and the future of our children,” she wrote.

Maria Sharapova is engaged to British millionaire Alexander Gilkes, who happens to a friend of Prince William and Prince Harry.

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