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Maria Wasti gets private video leaked: Here is what you want to know

Lahore: Pakistani journalist Omar Qureshi piqued the curiosity of Pakistani Twitter users by dropping a hint about presence of yet another video with a potential to spark outrage in the deeply religious Pakistan.

“If you are a celebrity in Pakistan (or in this case a has-been) why in the world would you film yourself drinking alcohol? ,” wrote Omar Qureshi who has over 200, 000 followers on Twitter.

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Although his followers were insisting he should at least reveal the name of the celebrity if not the video, the journalist chose not to respond to such requests.

The video which Qureshi referred to in his tweet started doing the rounds on Whatsapp groups on Wednesday.

It purports to show TV actress Maria Wasti in a drunken stupor posing for camera with a bottle of beer in her. She is seen standing next to an unidentified man.

The actress and TV show host the raises her bottle of beer and seems to drink it in one gulp before the video comes to an end.

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Alcohol consumption was officially banned in 1977 in Pakistan. Non-Muslims and foreigners are allowed to drink alcohol, and some four- and five-star hotels in the country have licences to serve it.

The footage comes after a video scandal involving singer Rabi Peerzada rocked Pakistan.

Peerzada claimed that her videos were stolen from her phone which she had sold some time ago, requesting the people not to spread the clips in which she is seen stripping naked before camera.

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