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Mattia Polibio leaked cereal box picture: What all the fuss is about – Mattia Leak

Mattia Polibio leaked cereal box picture has surfaced on social media

The cereal box picture shows Mattia Polibio posing with a cereal box that is hiding his private body parts

New York: Fans and followers of TikTok star Mattia Polibio on Wednesday flooded Twitter with questions regarding some leaked picture of the young celebrity.

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While most of the users had no clue what all the fuss is all about, others gave a few hints to explain what they were talking about.

The fans believed Mattia Poilbio had an explicit picture leaked which also involved a certain cereal box.

” Can someone send me the cereal box photo?,” a user asked on Twitter.

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Several other users asked the same question. Few claimed to have the “leaked picture of Matia Polibio”, prompting others to inquire further what it was all about.

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Those who claimed they have the picture seemed to put conditions to forward them in direct messages.

A majority of Mattia Polibio fans said it might be hoax to vilify the TikTok star.

The photo shows the young TikTok star posing cloth-less while holding a cereal box to hide his private body parts.

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