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Rabi Peerzada’s explicit videos and pictures leaked online

Lahore: Pakistan singer Rabi Peerzada was recently caught up in a controversy when Punjab wildlife officials approached a court seeking action against her for keeping exotic animal as pets.

Her legal worries seem to be far from over as she has once again became topic of discussion on Whatapp groups and social media websites.

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This time, however, the singer is not being discussed for her songs or her fondness for exotic animals that people are legally not allowed to keep as pets.

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Rabi Peerzada is facing a far serious issue. Folks on the cyberspace have found objectionable photos and videos which they have been circulating.

“Revenge porn can ruin any woman’s life. Are there no ways to find out where the R-Pirzada stuff was leaked from and by whom? Its so fuck** up!,” said a Twitter user on Friday.

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Some users initially believed that the woman shown in pictures and videos has an uncanny resemblance to Rabi Peerzada. But, the singer herself has confirmed that her photos and videos were stolen from her smartphone that she had sold.

She has also approached the FIA with a request to take action against the people who are responsible for her leaked videos and photos.

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Renowned lawyer and a digital expert Nighat Dad has condemned the people who were sharing the video.

Referring to state laws which deal with such matters she said ” Those who are weaponizing nonconsensual intimate images and videos of @Rabipirzada and those who are forwarding them are committing crime under PECA. Don’t be a silent bystander, report these tweets and do not forward this violence”.

It is not the first time that a Pakistani celebrity has become target of such campaign.

Most of the mainstream film and TV actors even female TV show hosts have found themselves being accused of filming objectionable photos and videos.

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